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Vikings Meme: One Season [1/1]

Season Two

Vikings Meme: Four Relationships [4/4] 

Lagertha and Bjorn 

Vikings Meme: Five Characters [2/5]


Vikings Meme: Five Characters [1/5]


Vikings Meme: Four Relationships [3/4]

Ragnar and his kids

Vikings Meme: Four Relationships [2/4]

Bjorn and Floki

Vikings Meme: Four Relationships [1/4]

King Horik and Erlendur

Vikings Meme


  • 1 season
  • 2 locations
  • 3 colours
  • 4 relationships
  • 5 characters
  • 6 scenes
  • 4 emotions
  • 3 deaths
  • 2 battles
  • 1 episode

Feel free to complete this in any way you like: screencaps, gifsets, fanart, picspams, etc. And if possible, tag your posts with Vikings meme or Vikingsmeme so we all can find them to reblog. 

Excuse me while I attempt this…out of order.